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Jeremy Cross


Mike Pletz

Pittsburgh Area Manager

James Farry

Pre-Repo Manager / General Manager

Andy Sinclair

Information & Systems Manager

John Scheirer

Post-Repo Manager

Gino Polsinelli

Fleet Supervisor

Tima Mehdi

Recovery Coordinator Manager
(610) 612-2023

Jim McKee

Recovery Coordinator
(610) 616-0267

Anna Curley

Office Manager
(610) 616-0266

Sheryl Heness

Customer Support Specialist
(610) 616-0264

Chrissy Rufo

Transport Coordinator
(610) 833-6030

William Meyer

Customer Support Specialist
(610) 534-0404

TJ Browne

Recovery Investigator Manager
(610) 612-2000

Samantha Lawson

Customer Support Specialist
(610) 534-0404

Elena Lukens

Key Specialist
(610) 833-6003